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“A trusted digital currency is coming, but it’s not bitcoin.”
Howard Schultz


Connecting Consumers, Merchants, and Banks via a Distributed Cryptocurrency Biometric Blockchain Platform with an Impenetrable Protected 5-Factor Digital Wallet

Crypto Problems

  • Current cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) today are not widely used in ecommerce transactions because of the extreme fluctuation in prices.
  • Cryptocurrencies today are mainly used for investment purposes.
  • Point-of-Sales (POS) devices are not equipped to accept cryptocurrencies
  • Incomplete platform
  • Cryptocurrency wallets are not secured becaused they still use username and password

RNERO Solutions

Cure the Cryptocurrency Plague

RNERO Solves the problems that all cryptocurrency suffer from

  • Reduces barrier of acceptance
  • Easier to use
  • NO price fluctuation
  • Not an investment
  • Impenetrable cryptocurrency wallet
  • Allows consume to earn RNERO at participating merchants and retails
  • Businesses take advantage of the reduction in cost of loyalty programs
    • An average of $650 per year
  • Reduction in annual credit card transaction fees
    • An average of $650 per year
  • Businesses receive new source of revenue that never existed before

What's It Cost?

  • $450 per Kiosk with 10,000 RNERO
  • NO monthly cost
    • Compared to others who charge $70 per month or more

Who Benefits? – EVERYONE

  • Businesses
    • New Revenue Sources
    • Sell RNERO back to RNERO, Inc. for cash
    • Loyalty Program with no monthly cost
    • SMS Marketing
    • Reduce cost per transaction
    • Competitive pricing
    • Compete with large companies with heavily marketed rewards programs
  • Consumers
    • Earn RNERO for visiting retailers
    • Discounted products/services
    • Cash RNERO at any participating retailer

RNERO Revenue Sources

  • RNERO, Inc. charges 3% transaction fee to cash out RNERO
  • $0.05 per SMS Marketing Messages a Merchant sends out to consumers
  • Merchant Promoted Advertisements that consumers opt into on their RNERO wallet
    • $0.10 per view charge to advertisers

The End Game

  • Mass adoption of the platform through established PoS
  • 100% Impenetrable Cryptocurrency Wallet that every consume feels safe using
  • Ability to allow consumers to pay each other and businesses with RNERO (as simple as digital cash)
  • Easily convert cash to RNERO at any participating business